Social Skills Groups

Could My Child Benefit From a Social Skills Group?
  • As children grow older connecting with their peers becomes more and more important; just as a child’s bond to their parents is important for their well-being so is their connection to their peers.

  • Any child could benefit from a social skills group because of where they are developmentally. As children develop they learn social skills and emotional regulation from observing their parents. A social skills group provides children with another place to observe and learn those vital social and emotional skills.

  • A social skills group would benefit children who, due to various reasons, have conflict with their peers, trouble picking up social cues or following social rules, and find it hard to connect with peers.

Groups Offered

Our 10-week curriculum developed and lead by Clara Penati, LCSWA, emphasizes the teaching, demonstration, practice of age-appropriate positive behaviors in a small group setting. This group supports children in deepening existing social skills as well as laying groundwork for children struggling with developing social skills.

Groups are divided by age and gender, resulting in separate groups for:

  • Elementary Boys (Ages 6-8; Ages 9-11)
  • Elementary Girls (Ages 6-8; Ages 9-11)

What Can My Child Expect in a Social Skills Group?
  • Groups are held every other week and each session runs for 60 minutes.
  • Groups are tailored to fit the individual needs and developmental levels of the participants.
  • The number of participants in each group would vary with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10.
  • Each group session will include numerous components designed to increase participation and engagement with the material, such as an interactive discussion of new skills, art, games, and worksheets to take home.
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