Parent Coaching

A solution-based approach that benefits the entire family.

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching is a highly effective approach to solving parenting issues. Instead of attempting to control the behavior of a child, the focus is on facilitating change in the parents – developing new strategies they can use to obtain the desired outcomes for the whole family.

Our Certified Parent Coach, Amy Werner, will work collaboratively with you in a positively focused, four phase process:

  1. Define who you are as parents. What are the most important values at the center of your parenting decisions?
  2. Explore and identify the preferred future for your family. What will you experience instead of your current frustrations?
  3. Discover effective strategies that best meet the needs of your family. How can you begin to develop a step-by-step process to implement your new strategies?
  4. Examine the effects of your new process and strategies. How will they also eliminate other parenting struggles or those that may arise in the future?
Which should I consider: Parent Coaching or Child/Parent Therapy?
  • If you have no idea what is driving your child’s behavior, it’s advisable to start with an assessment of your child to figure out what’s going on. That will help pinpoint or rule out underlying issues, and may or may not indicate therapy.
  • If your child already has a diagnosis, then coaching can be useful to help you build better coping and management skills in response to her or his issue.
How are they different?

While there may be an issue present with the child, coaching is focused solely on the PARENTS — to help build a better pattern of parenting.


Parent Coaching

Child/Parent Therapy

Child diagnosed with a condition?

Most often yes

Not necessarily


Parent only

Child and parent each receive counseling


Parent behavior and skills
What is the parent doing well and what could be improved? Coaching builds on what’s working and adds new skills, while removing any behaviors that may trigger frustrating situations.

Both child and parent
Each is assigned to and meets with her or his own therapist separately. This builds trust and fosters improved behavior, a better understanding of your child and a strong ongoing relationship.


Structured 4-phase curriculum
Includes practical advice, tools, and strategies.

Fluid depending on client needs
Includes concrete parenting advice tailored to the individual.


Finite: Approximately 10 sessions

Depends on client needs and progress
(As short as possible but as long as needed)


Not covered

Usually covered


Available in groups or one-on-one.
Small group work adds learning from other parents who are going through similar struggles.



Who would benefit from Parent Coaching?

Any parent experiencing frustrations with their current family situation would benefit from the focused process of parent coaching. The difficult job of parenting can be compounded by the added stress of daily routines, school transitions, divorce or death, behavioral health or educational diagnoses. Whether you are working on potty training, trying to decide how to set media limits or sending your child off to college, Parent Coaching offers the deliberate planning you need to successfully navigate parenting.

How does Parent Coaching work?
  • Individual or couple coaching is by appointment. Coaching is a finite process that spans 10 sessions on average. Sessions last 50 minutes and are scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for optimal effectiveness. Once the initial cycle of coaching is completed, parents often choose to check back periodically for “tune-up” sessions. Think of it somewhat like a course, but highly tailored to your situation and experience, with the ‘instructor’ right at your side as your personal coach.
  • Group sessions are scheduled seasonally and themed for parents with similar parenting experiences or struggles. Sessions are 90 minutes and scheduled weekly for 10 weeks.

Offered by: Amy Werner, B.S., CPC

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