EMDR Consultation

EMDR Consultation for Therapists

Dr. Wright is currently an EMDRIA Consultant-in-Training, offering reduced-fee consultation to therapists who wish to improve their EMDR clinical skills and/or pursue EMDRIA certification in EMDR Therapy.

In full time private practice since 1999 and EMDR Certified for the last 13 years, Dr. Wright is a well-seasoned clinician with experience as a clinical supervisor of masters-level therapists.

Her training in EMDR Therapy in 2004 was pivotal in her professional and personal development, both expanding and deepening how she conceptualizes, experiences, and works with human suffering and healing. Since then, EMDR Therapy has been the main focus of her clinical practice with a wide variety of clients and presenting issues. EMDR is a powerfully transformative therapy for both client and therapist, and Dr. Wright is a passionate proponent who loves to share the challenge, joy, and satisfaction of this type of therapeutic work.

Benefits of EMDR Consultation

Dr. Wright quickly learned the value of EMDR Consultation after her Level I training, when she realized she had a dissociative client and did not know how to appropriately treat him. Learning how to be an effective EMDR therapist can be overwhelming at times. Dr. Wright has sought, and enjoyed, both individual and group consultation throughout her career, and understands firsthand the value of an emotionally safe and supportive learning environment in which all questions are viewed as valid. Whether or not you hope to become certified in EMDR, case consultation is an invaluable process that will strengthen your confidence as an EMDR therapist while it also improves your skills with a variety of clients and presenting issues. As your consultant I will provide organization and structure to our meetings, and give handouts and reading materials (or recommend reading materials) as necessary depending on your cases.

Helpful consultation topics include:
  • Conceptualization of cases through the lens of the Adaptive Information Processing Model
  • EMDR-specific client history taking techniques including how to screen for dissociation
  • Assessing client suitability and readiness for EMDR
  • How to explain EMDR to clients
  • When and how to establish stabilization/affect tolerance tools and what to do if clients have difficulty
  • Case conceptualization including target selection and sequencing; understanding the 3-pronged approach of past/present/future
  • How to move smoothly from target assessment to desensitization and reprocessing
  • When, why, and how to use cognitive interweaves
  • How to deal with looping, stuck processing, and abreactions
  • Ego state work
  • What to do when difficulties arise during installation of the positive cognition or body scan
  • Technical questions about types of bilateral stimulation, EMDR equipment, body positioning
  • Use of the future template
  • Use of specialized protocols depending on your client/presenting issues
  • Clinician self-care
Benefits of EMDR Certification
  • Increased knowledge base and confidence, which can translate into better client outcomes and increased job satisfaction
  • Signaling to clients and referral sources that you are a well-trained, dedicated EMDR professional
  • Membership in EMDRIA and the wider EMDR community (we are a committed, welcoming, and passionate bunch!)
  • Access to high quality, advanced EMDR and trauma trainings
  • Listing on the EMDRIA website “Find a Therapist” section for referral purposes

Requirements to become Certified in EMDR include 20 hours of consultation, 10 of which can be in a small group setting and 10 of which must be individual sessions. Consultants-in-Training are allowed to provide 15 of the required 20 hours; the remaining 5 hours must be completed with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. I am happy to provide referrals to Approved Consultants for those last 5 hours.

You may review the full requirements for becoming Certified in EMDR at www.emdria.org.

Individual EMDR consultation rate for therapists: $70 for 60 minutes.

Contact Dr. Wright at (919) 406-6122 to discuss whether EMDR Consultation is right for you.

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