Adult Therapy

Adult Individual and Group Therapy Services

Our Therapy Philosophy

  • A partnership: client and provider working together to determine the treatment plan
  • Non-judgmental : based on respect
  • Evidenced-based : guided by evaluation /assessment data gathered at the start of the process
  • Integrative: collaborate with and refering to medical professionals and community resources

How Individual Therapy Can Help You

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Better ability to emotionally regulate
  • Improved relationships
  • Ability to process negative life events 

How Group Therapy Can Help You

  • Offers you the opportunity for powerful learning and growth in a supportive community
  • Witness the lives of others and their solutions to life’s challenges
  • Receive feedback in a caring atmosphere about how you are perceived
  • Practice new life skills
  • Speed up and solidify the progress you are seeking
  • Better define and then meet your personal goals

Current Groups

Overcoming Overeating/ Emotional Eating

A group for adult women that combines the work of Susie Orbach, Geneen Roth and others, as well as Dr. Lisë Osvold’s own insights, to help participants find peace with food. The group includes a mindfulness and educational component, as well as help learning to identify and manage the feelings that commonly lead to emotional eating.

Interpersonal Process Group

For men and women 18 and older who find relationships challenging, this group offers an opportunity to identify with others’ struggles, to experiment with different ways of communication, and to try out new behaviors.

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