Treatment Services

Diversity under one roof.

Our therapists bring a wealth of expertise and a diversity of treatment options that are difficult to find in one location in the Triangle area. That means you can find what works for you.

We work with all ages from toddlers to older adults. Once established with our practice, many families come to us for all of their needs, spanning generations.

The right treatment to fit your needs.

Whether you come to us as an individual or family, we want to understand you before jumping into treatment. Therefore, we include an evaluation as the first phase of our service. Through this evaluation, we are able to provide you with insights and data. This approach is helpful in choosing a practical treatment plan appropriate for your situation.

Your individualized treatment plan may include services here with us, and may also include collaboration with medical care and other community resources outside of GMH. We support whatever moves you toward your goals.

We offer short and long-term treatments for individuals, couples, families and groups. In addition to traditional psychotherapy you may choose other clinically proven treatments such as neurofeedback, hypnotherapy, DBT and EMDR Therapy. These powerful approaches can deepen your therapy experience or stand alone as effective treatments for specific issues.

Services Offered:
  • Assessment / Testing - accurate diagnosis up front means more targeted treatment to help foster progress.
  • Neurofeedback - brain training to improve focus and concentration, support peak performance and create lasting change.
  • NEBA - new FDA approved ADHD diagnostic technology that provides objective, biological data to help evaluate ADHD.
  • EMDR Therapy - mind-body therapy for moving through trauma, transforming negative beliefs and letting go of the past.
  • Groups - learn new skills in a supportive environment.
  • Hypnotherapy - use the power of your mind for healing, self-exploration and change.
  • DBT - skills training teaches mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness and emotional regulation.
  • Child/Parent Therapy - fosters improved behavior, a better understanding of your child and a strong ongoing relationship.
  • Adult/Couple Therapy - explore your goals and improve your relationships with the help of one of our skilled therapists.


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