Lisë Osvold, Ph.D.

Lisë Osvold, Ph.D. 



About Dr. Osvold

Dr. Lisë Osvold (she/her) has been in practice since 1987. She works with adults and adolescents in individual, group and family therapy. Her diverse background and experience explains why her clients find it easy to relate to someone who knows so well what they are going through.

She understands firsthand the powerful factors that drive our relationship with food. Her own personal journey of recovery from emotional eating helped guide her to assist individuals who struggle with food issues.

Dr. Osvold has also lived abroad which helps to inform her work in cultural diversity. In addition, she also has an intimate understanding of the difficulties of co-parenting from separate households, even across borders.

Dr. Osvold’s work focuses on:

  • Eating Disorders READ MORE

    Dr. Osvold treats all kinds of eating disorders, and she has a particular interest and expertise in helping individuals who suffer from emotional eating or binge-eating disorder. Dr. Osvold facilitates a group for women who suffer with emotional eating, as well as working with both men and women individually. She combines the work of Geneen Roth, Susie Orbach, Eckard Tolle, Pema Chodron, and others, as well as the revelations she has gathered from her own experiences, to help clients reach a deeper understanding of why they engage in these behaviors, and how they can stop.

  • Addictions READ MORE

    Dr. Osvold is experienced in and works with a wide range of addictions. She enjoys working with individuals at every stage of recovery, as well as those struggling to come to terms with the possibility of an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Throughout her two years working at Edgecombe-Nash Mental Health in Rocky Mount, NC, she co-led a group for sexual offenders and worked one-on-one with some of those individuals.

  • Interpersonal Process Group Therapy READ MORE

    Another area of interest for Dr. Osvold is Group Therapy, which can act as a powerful tool for individuals who struggle with co-dependence, social inhibition, relationship difficulties, and numerous other problems. Group can be used in conjunction with individual therapy or as the primary treatment, with periodic check-ins one-on-one, depending on what works best for the individual.

  • Adolescent/Parent Therapy READ MORE

    Dr. Osvold works with adolescents in conjunction with Dr. Mary Anne Hartye, who works with the parent(s). The philosophy at GMH is that it is important to thoroughly and properly assess what may be underlying the problematic behaviors or symptoms of the adolescent first. Depending on the results Dr. Osvold will either work with the adolescent, or refer him or her to a more appropriate provider. Dr. Osvold works collaboratively with other professionals, including psychiatrists, general practitioners, dietitians, teachers, school counselors, etc., as is deemed desirable in conjunction with the adolescent’s parent(s).

  • Family Therapy READ MORE

    Dr. Osvold conducts family therapy when that approach offers the most promise. When working with adolescents with anorexia, she draws upon a variety of methods to tailor an approach that will best fit the age of the patient and the individual family.

  • Diversity READ MORE

    Dr. Osvold has had some unique cultural experiences that have helped her connect with individuals from varied backgrounds and experiences. She lived in Cameroon, in West Africa for five years, and traveled to Mali where she conducted two research projects. Upon her return to the United States she worked for two years at an Indian Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, further contributing to her appreciation for diversity. She speaks French.

    Dr. Osvold conducted research on the crossroad of eating issues and diversity that has been published in the journals Exploration in Ethnic Studies, and Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development.

Dr. Osvold conducted research on the crossroad of eating issues and diversity that has been published in the journals Exploration in Ethnic Studies, and Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development.

Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Osvold uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Systems, with family therapy. She is most concerned with understanding the client’s own experience, and then determining with the client the best path toward his or her unique growth.

Dr. Osvold believes that self-compassion is a critical aspect of therapy. She sometime says, “If beating one’s self up worked, there’d be no need for therapists!” Dr. Osvold wants to help her clients identify and create what would be, for them, a rich and meaningful life. She knows this cannot occur without self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association member since 1992
  • American Psychological Association Practice Organization
  • North Carolina Psychological Association (NCPA), Board of Directors
  • Division of Private Professional Practice, NCPA
  • Co-chair of Student Academic and Scientific Affairs Committee, NCPA
  • Carolina Group of Psychotherapy Society
  • International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals


Lisë Osvold has presented Understanding and Overcoming Emotional Eating for local businesses (SAS Institute, and Triangle Multiple Listing Service in Cary; the Alexander YMCA in Raleigh). She is open to invitations to present this approximately 45-minute power-point presentation.

Education / Training

  • Ph.D., Counseling Psychology; 1999; The University of Georgia, Athens
  • M.A., Counseling Psychology; 1991; The University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • B.A., English Language, 1982; North Carolina State University, Raleigh
  • Licensed Psychologist in North Carolina since January 2001. License Number: 2675